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Custom Pro Logistics on The List of Fastest-Growing Inner City Businesses of 2021

An illustration of a businessman running up the success chart, symbolizing Custom Pro  Logistics on the list of fastest-growing inner city businesses of 2021.

Growing a business in an under-resourced community is a challenge for many companies. The lack of resources is a common struggle, and it is crucial to find ways to recognize those who excel in their industry and show remarkable growth. With that in mind, let's talk about one of the companies that made it to the list of fastest-growing inner city businesses of 2021 - Custom Pro Logistics.

Initiative for a Competitive Inner City

Initiative for a Competitive Inner City was founded in 1994 by Michael Porter, a Harward professor. It is a non-profit organization that deals with research and strategy on US inner city economies and businesses. Many recognize this organization as a leading authority in their sector.

Their mission is to showcase and drive economic growth and prosperity in America’s inner cities. By providing crucial information about the urban market opportunities to businesses, investors, and governments, they are strengthening the economic progress of the inner cities in the US.

ICIC advocates progress through promoting an urban marketplace based on diversity, competitive advantages, and creativity. Their goals are to:

  • Locate and define high-market opportunity industry clusters for business growth;

  • Educate inner-city businesses on how to communicate with capital providers;

  • Be a guide to financial institutions, and show them how to invest in the right opportunities;

  • Discover and identify economic growth factors in urban environments;

  • Inform the public officials about the best strategies and approaches that drive economic growth most efficiently.

Inner City 100 Award

Through the years of research, ICIC found a way to recognize and celebrate the fastest-growing businesses in under-resourced communities in the US. Since 1999, they have been giving the IC100 award to the top 100 companies in the nation for their effort and success in growth under a difficult economic situation.

For the 2021 award, a requirement for eligibility was that companies operate independently, as a private party, and have a revenue of at least $50,000 for 2016 and $500,000 in 2020. On top of that, the headquarters should be in an urban, under-resourced community. That refers to all areas of concentrated poverty within cities, where the population is greater than 75,000.

A parking lot showing trucks from above.
Since the logistics industry was hit hard during COVID-19, it is incredible to see a logistics company achieve such an important recognition award.

When we look at the overall competition and the 100 award winners, we can say that the overall success of the 100 winners showed a revenue growth increase of 216%. Furthermore, the companies created almost 4,000 job openings.

As a special recognition for today, we want to spend some time and talk about a company that showed terrific progress and economic growth in the logistics industry. Custom Pro Logistics displayed impressive effort and success through hard work, teamwork, and attention to detail.

Custom Pro Logistics on The List of Fastest-Growing Inner City Businesses of 2021

Custom Pro Logistics team standing in front of headquarter office located in Cincinnati Ohio
CPL's goal is to improve continually and get better individually and as a team day in and day out.

The logistics industry saw a decline in business operations during COVID-19. However, companies were able to bounce back and stabilize to an extent, continuing to provide services all across the United States.

Custom Pro Logistics was able to stay on its path of building long-lasting relationships, both with its loyal clients and trustworthy carriers. Their philosophy was and still is to set industry standards and disrupt the status quo by providing exceptional service. For CPL, going above and beyond is a norm, and they take great pride in the level of service they offer to their clients.

The path to success through customer care

Decades of logistics expertise serve as a strong base for providing extraordinary customer service. The company’s investment in technologies supported by an extensive network of trustworthy carriers was a starting point for creating customized solutions that meet the shipping needs of their clients.

Trustworthy carriers mean quality business

The selection of carriers is critical in this process because it ensures the quality of service. Custom Pro Logistics picks their carriers carefully. They are in direct contact with the customers, and they represent the face of the company. Their diligent and detail-oriented selection process of carrier partners was just one of many pieces of the complex puzzle that made it possible to achieve this fantastic recognition.

Logistics automation

Many companies in the logistics and moving industry underline the importance of logistics automation. Per, this is one of the most critical factors of a precise business because it ensures cost and error reduction and increases efficiency.

With the help of top-of-the-line software and automated machinery, CPL ensures the highest efficiency of logistics operations. While trying to thrive in an under-resourced community, even the most minor mistakes may cause significant expenses and hinder the growth of the business. Luckily, CPL stays on top of its game, thanks to all the innovative technologies that make logistics automation possible.

A strong team builds a strong company

The true strength of CPL lies in its employees. They value teamwork and dedication and advocate for a business model based on freedom of choice. As a growing company, they have created many job opportunities. Not only that but CPL also strives to provide education and a chance for professional improvement to all employees. They recognize that the true strength is in numbers and cooperation and value a Together Everyone Achieves More approach.

The IC100 award for 2021 is solid proof that this concept works and creates winners.

Custom Pro Logistics creates opportunities in customer loyalty, finance, and HR sectors. Also, it supports a fantastic internship program to secure future talent and business stability in the years to come.

Core company values written in different colors, and two people shaking hands.
CPL was able to achieve growth through teamwork, attention to detail, and knowledge sharing.

The future of the logistics industry is in good hands

As one of the fastest-growing inner city businesses of 2021, Custom Pro Logistics is a company that pushes the logistics industry in the right direction. The future looks bright. The key to success is to continue to walk this path of quality service and customer satisfaction. Under-resourced communities are still struggling with the economic crisis, and strong, growing companies are the solution. We hope to see more shining examples of growing companies and hear more success stories about thriving businesses that manage to deal with difficult situations and stay on top of their A-game.


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