4th Quarter is among us which means increased demand for trucks in an already volatile freight market. Trucks are harder to find and more expensive than ever. Let's take a look at a few items directly impacting the transportation industry as 2017 comes to an end. E-Commerce Boosts U.S. Shipping Networks Resurgent demand in the long-stagnant industrial sector and a big seasonal boost in e-commerce are pushing more goods through shipping networks on the land, water and air, say operators who expect the strengthening U.S. economy to keep the growth going into 2018. From seaports in Southern California to truck docks at central Ohio warehouses, shipping across the U.S. is picking up at a pace t

Self Driving Trucks - Threat or a Benefit?

“Trucks are going to be around for a very long time.” Warren Buffett Isn’t Losing Sleep Over Self-Driving Trucks. That was Warren Buffett’s rationale for investing in Pilot Flying J, the largest operator of truck stops in North America. Learn more! Why Self-Driving Trucks Will Still Need Drivers Issues requiring driver attention don't end at the loading dock door – tires blow out or there are system failures. Who is going to handle those problems on the road? Learn more! Platooning, the next big thing in trucking? Platooning – a driving strategy featuring digitally tethered trucks traveling in single file to reduce drag – is winning supporters across the country and abroad. There’s a big

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