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Hard work, attention to detail, dedication to our customers, and laser focus on teamwork.  This along with obsessing over our customers and vendors alike is what defines us.
This is Custom Pro Logistics. #TeamCPL.
We Believe in doing the job right the first time.  We believe in obsessing over our customers and carriers.  Our goal day is to continually improve and get better individually and as a team day in and day out.  As we firmly believe that together everyone achieves more.  We know in the transportation and logistics industry that problems are inevitable but every problem is an opportunity to prove ourselves.  As we believe in open and honest communication and know communication is key.  We promise to be forthright with all issues or potential problems as recognizing a problem is the first step to solving it.  We know we will be judged by our actions and not our words, but will hold ourselves accountable for both.  This industry is tough and we believe you have to enjoy what you do and who you do it with to be great.  The journey is the reward, potholes, flat tires and all.
Brokers have been given a bad name over the years and as a result of the word now has a very negative connotation.  Often this connotation is completely justified and the result of terrible customer service, failing to pay carriers in a timely manner, or a complete and utter service failure. Our purpose at CPL is to not follow the industry standard, but rather SET the industry standard.  We intend to disrupt the status quo by providing unparalleled Customer Service to our carriers and customers alike.  We will take the road less traveled and deliver these high-touch personal customer experiences every opportunity that presents itself. We will go above and beyond what is expected by doing something a little unconventional and innovative.


1.    Create Energy and Obsess Over

       Customers and Carriers

2.    Together Everyone Achieves


3.    Do More With Less

4.    Fear Nothing, Attack Everything

       and Embrace and Drive Change

5.    Build Trust and with Open

       and Honest Relationships

6.    Think Different, Welcome

       Conflict, and Invent Solutions

7.    Lead by Example and Check your

       Ego at the Door

8.    Think First, Then React

9.    Think Long-Term

10.  Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

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